When You Are With Me

A love poem called "When You Are With Me" by Ibrahim was sent to me. It's such a beautiful poem, I thought I would share it with you. I've only known him a short time and he's not in my life but I wish I would have known him longer.  But sometimes a few moments is enough to stay in your mind.



When You Are With Me by Ibrahim

When you are with me,
The stars look dark, because you are brighter than all of them.
The day gets cold, because I feel surrounded only by your warmth,
And the moon is nothing but a shadow of the love you have for me.

When you are with me,
There is an answer to every question.
One tear seems a tragedy.
A smile is the biggest joy,
One fight is the end of the world,
And a word of love is like a gospel from heaven.

When you are with me,
Pain becomes pleasure, and pleasure becomes pain.
Distance is a joy and a torture,
Loneliness becomes love,
And when you disappear,
Love becomes loneliness again.

When you are with me,
The entire world around me disappears,
And suddenly nothing is impossible
I become the king of everything and nothing,
I breathe the air you breathe and pump the blood in your veins,
And the sole purpose of my existence
Becomes your existence.

When you are with me,
The world is too big, but the room is too small
To fit a love like the one I have for you.
All the beauty of God’s creation,
His oceans, his rivers and his mountains
Fade when your smile shines before me.
God himself is proud because
His greatest creation is you,
And I am pleased with God,
Because his greatest creation
Was made for me.

When you are with me,
The music is silent, because your soul is a song,
Your heart is the words,
Your voice is the singer,
Your body the conductor,
And your kiss the reward
For the greatest song ever written.

Can I ever repay you love, for giving yourself to me?
Can I ever breathe without the oxygen you have become?
Could I survive without your sheer existence?
I probably could… But a life with no life
Is not life, but a death that lives in a body with no soul.
I beg you my darling,
I beg you my love,
Please be the other half that has made my spirit what it is today.
Or I will be doomed to walk,
Alive and yet dead,
Without a breath of love in me.



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