Warm Honey


             It was a delightful afternoon full of warm sticky honey...warm sticky honey that was oh so lickable.

             "Yes, sweetie, I took your jar of honey.  The bees aren't going extinct anytime soon, I'll replenish your supply tomorrow.  Trust me."  I stood at the foot of the bed looking down at my haole boyfriend shackled to the wood posts of the bed. "Why are you more worried about your honey supply than about being shackled?  I don't get that."

              "Because I trust you."  He grinned at me and smiled that oh so sexy smile.

              "Ah shucks, thanks.  You're sweet...almost as much as what I'm cooking up."  I glanced over at the small sauce pan heating over the stove.  It's almost done, should be warm enough by now.  We're staying at a studio cabin in the mountains, I found this cute little place that we rented with a huge backyard of fruit trees, a hiking trail, and a close walk to the beach.

            "So what are you up to?"  He asked calmly and casually, as if we were discussing the monetary supply or the Federal deficit.  I laughed at him, "Mischief.  What else?"

               "I'm feeling creative and artsy today.  I'm going to paint you."  I walked away to get the pan and to pour the honey into a bowl.  I washed a new medium paint brush that's about a half inch thick. 

               "Oil painting or sketchbook portrait?" He called out, rattling his shackles.  I laughed at him again, "Yeah right, I'm not that much of an artist.  I'm more hands on.  You'll see soon enough."

                I came back to sit next to him on the bed, leaning down for a kiss.  He's awesome, everything I've dreamt of.

                I leaned down and licked his nipple, before sucking it and scraping my teeth against it gently.  He groaned, "You're going to tease and torture me again, aren't you?  This is inhumane, I'll have to file a complaint with the Human Rights groups."

               "Sure you will." I bit him on his shoulder, and left nice little teeth imprints.  I inspected them, nice and deep, but didn't break the skin.  "It's been over a year, and yet I still get teased and tortured, is this really what I signed up for?"  He gave a long suffering sigh.

               "Yup.  And you know you love it."  I dipped the brush into the bowl of honey, and applied a tentative stroke down his abs.  He sucked in a breath...."Hot....careful."  I looked at him, "Don't be a wuss...it's just very warm, you'll survive."  I blew on it and leaned it for a taste and followed the stroke with my soft wet tongue.

               I painted his nipples so I could suck on them.  Tasty! Yummy!  I painted his lower bottom lip, so he could enjoy it too.  I painted a heart by his neck/collarbone area and licked that up.  Time to follow the happy trail on his belly...I made swirls, circles, stars, and all kinds of things on him until he was writhing because of the fiction of the brush and the hot sensation of the honey and my tongue.  "You're killing me...." He groaned.

             "I haven't even gotten to the good parts yet."  Thighs, a bit whiter than the rest of him because I make him wear swim trunks and forbade him to go to Kehena beach so the girls can't ogle him.  I made a swirl on his thigh, and painted a upstroke on his inner leg.  Scooting down, I got between his legs so I could lick that trail of honey.  "I'm going to paint your cock and balls with honey and I'll lick and suck them for you."  He was already hard long before I even said that, but upon hearing that, he got impossibly harder and dripped at the tip. 

             I took my time painting his cock and balls, making sure to scrape the brush on him over and over again....  He was sweating and squirming around on the bed.  I walked over to turn the fan on.  "Better?"  I asked.   "No." He said, "Please don't leave me on the bed like this."  I thought about it for a minute, nah, I'll be good this time.  I did follow through on my promise to lick and suck all that honey off for him.

             Then I climbed on and straddled his neck/shoulders, not quite touching him.  "Do you want me to sit on your face?  Do you want to tongue me and hear me moan?  Do you want to feel me shake and tremble with each stroke of your tongue?"

             "YES!  YES!  YES!"  He yelled.  He leaned his head up, trying to get a lick.  I lifted up a little and out of the way.  Not yet.

             "Tell me why I should sit on your face and let you lick me as much as you want?"  I asked.  I was still playing with him and in that teasing mood.

             Tearing his eyes away from my pussy inches from his face, he looked up at me with a confused look.  "Ummm....because you're beautiful?"

             "Wrong answer."  He thought for a second.  "Because you taste good and because you want me to?"  I shook my head at him.  "Nope."

             "Because I want to.  Because I'm begging you, oh my Highness, please let me taste that sweet nectar from your delicious pussy."  He grinned at me this time.  I laughed at him.  I guess that'll work.  I lowered myself slowly onto his face.

              The first stroke of his tongue was amazing and awesome....The second stroke was out of this world....The third stroke just about killed me....  I'm so glad I found someone so talented.

              Thank God the cabin was far away from neighbors.  It would be so embarrassing otherwise.  Am I going to get tired of this in 5 years?  The answer is NO, but I think you knew that already. 




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