Turkish Love Expressions


These turkish love expressions are for the girls out there that are love-struck and want to be able to send messages to their Turkish lover in Turkey.  Whether you're in a holiday romance or a long term relationship with one of those dark haired sexy guys I hope the following will help you when you are emailing or sending some SMS messages.  They always get so happy to see some love words or sayings in their Turkish language.  (Careful, they might start sending turkish phrases or writing back because they'll think you became fluent over-night LOL.)

Seni bekleyecegim = I'll wait for you.

Senden cok hoslaniyorum = I like you very much.
Senden hoslaniyorum = I like you.

Seni seviyorum = I love you. 
seni cok seviyorum = I love you very much.
seni seviyorum hem de cok = I love you really very much.

Seni tahmin edemeyecegin kadar cok seviyorum = You can't imagine how much I love you.

Seni kelimelerin soylediginden daha cok seviyorum = I love you more than words can say.

Seni hic sonmeyecek askla seviyorum = I love you with a love that will never die.

Seni her zaman dusunuyorum = I think about you all the time.

Seni her seyden daha cok seviyorum = I love you more than anything.

Seni gece gunduz dusenmekten duramiyorum = I can't stop thinking about you, night and day.

Seni butun kalbimle seviyorum = I love you with all my heart.

Sen benim icin cok ozelsin = You are very special to me.

Seni defalarca opmek istiyorum = I want to kiss you many times.

Seni cok ozledim = I miss you very much.

Askim = my love (can be used by girls or boys to call their lover.)


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