Submissive Houseboy


Note:  A submissive houseboy makes life alot easier, pleasant, and oh so much fun...  If you don't have one already, I highly recommend snagging one.  A domestic submissive who likes to please is rarer than those kinksters who call themselves submissives.  So hang on to them if you have one.  Treat and train them well, they're like a prized pet.

I've found several of them that would make good houseboys, but I can't keep any of them right now.  But I can dream right?


           He cooks, cleans, runs errands, and does the household chores.  He doesn't work because he's a full time houseboy...  Not quite a house husband because I'm not ready for that kind of commitment yet. 

           I'm admiring that red g-string I made him wear while he vacuums the carpet in the living room.  I know I'm holding the latest Rachel Vincent book, "Shift" which is a paranormal romance series and as much as I've looked forward to reading it all year, my eyes wander to him.  Gosh, he's so smooth and hairless on his upper body and so boyish looking with brown hair and blue eyes.  He sees me checking him out and grins at me, and turns to show me his ass.  I laughed, the little tease.

            My leather riding crop was lying on the couch and I leaned over to grab it, while motioning him with my finger to come here.  "NOW!" 

            I gave that nice supple ass a squeeze and pinch, and adjusted his g-string before telling him to bend over and put his hands on the coffee table.  I poured a nice amount of lube onto a buttplug before pulling his g-string aside and shoving that into his ass in one smooth motion. 

            Hmmm, that wonderful view in front of me really is worth a few stares...  and I ripped off his g-string with my hands when he turned his head to look back at me questionly, "Mistress?"  I ordered a bunch of thongs and g-strings for him from Indonesia so I didn't mind if I rip a few off him.  He's my boy toy after all.  I love it when I tie him up spread eagle on the bed and cut every single piece of clothing off of him with a knife but that's a different story.

             "Turn around, let me admire those dangling jewels and see if they are low enough." 

             He turns and I look, and nope, the balls are not hanging low enough to satisfy me.  So I slipped a steel ring around the base of his balls and start tightening the screws on the sides to make the ring smaller until it's tight enough.  Then I hang a small weigh on each side, those weights are like those you'd use for fishing.  Probably 3/4 inch weighs.

              Now when he walks the weighs swing around and put pressure on his balls.  Nice!

              "Well, don't just stand there and gawk at me.  Go back to your chores!"  I muttered.  Geez, some people!

              "Oh ok.  Sorry Mistress."  He hurries back to vacuuming.  I go back to reading, after awhile I hear the vacuum stop and look up.  He was on his knees by the coffee table. 

              "Are you done?"  I asked.  "Yes, Mistress."  He looks up and quickly looks away.  He's still a bit nervous and skittish.  My houseboy is really shy and he likes to chew his bottom lip when he's nervous.  "Did you finish the other chores?" 

              "Yes Mistress, they're done."  He started scratching his leg nervously.

               "Alright then.  I'll go inspect it in a bit.  Go fetch me some ice tea now."  I said without looking at him.  He's quick and fast with simple orders.

               "Here you go Mistress."  He hands me iced green tea.  Awesome!  I had told him 2 days ago that I prefer green tea over normal tea, he must have picked it up grocery shopping earlier.  I like it when they remember details.

               I patted him on the head and gave him a smile.  "Good boy!  Come here...yes, crawl over here."  He comes closer and I let him lay his head on my lap as he sits on the carpet.  He does get a break every now and then.  Besides, I like petting him...

               As I read my book, I am adsentmindedly tugging and squeezing his cock.  Well, it is my toy after all.  No, I don't care if he's hard or soft.  I just like the velvety smoothness of it in my hand. 

              "Do not make a mess on the carpet.  Are you going to beg me to let you cum?"  I looked up from my book.

              "Yes Mistress, may I have permission to cum?  Please Mistress...please."  He begs so prettily, and he kisses my leg and my thigh with each time he says "please."   I thought that was kind of cute.

              "Oh alright.  Bring the flower pot here."  I watch as he goes to the corner of the living room where I put the small tulip flower pot by the window.  He waters it for me with his cum, and we rotate the flower pots on the lanai.  Actually I've only started doing that two weeks ago.  Mostly he just eats it. 

              After some strokes he cums into the flower pot.  I pat him on the head and told him to wipe it clean with a warm towel in the bathroom.

              Then he comes back and kneels on the carpet next to the couch.  Then I tell him to fetch the lotion because I want him to put lotion on my legs and my feet.  He hurries to go get it.

              I'm still reading as he rubs lotion all over my legs and massages it gently.  He massages my feet and presses his fingers into the bottom of my foot.  He's getting really good at foot massages.

              I know, I love it!  I feel so spoiled and pampered by my little submissive houseboy.  Life is sweet!  That's the kind of thing I like to do on a lazy saturday afternoon. 





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