Spanking My Male Submissive


                 And so it begins...

                 And where better than the heart of Sin City.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  A little trip of hot desert sun, champagne, some blackjack, and some grand spanking fun in our hotel room when our stomach won't hold another drop of bubbly and our fingers are too tired to lift another card.  Ah the Venetian and MGM Grand does bring back fond memories.  But none of them as great as the one with you in it.

                 "What should I call you?  My Mistress?  My girlfriend?  Both?" Ross asks while lounging back on the bed with his hands behind his head and his legs crossed in a cocky pose.  His sassiness and cocky attitude needs to be brought lower I thought, at least a few pegs.

                  Downstairs at the casino he was making fun of me not being able to hold much alcohol and telling me that he's carrying my bags because he's a gentlemen and not because he's my sub.  That's not the thing to say.  And it does not matter to me why, because it's his duty to carry my bags.  Also, he wanted to be my submissive, and he should know exactly what he's signing on for.

                  "I could be both. Girlfriend to the outside world and Mistress in private.  But since we're here to begin your training, you should get in position. The position that we discussed.  Get out of those slacks and that fancy shirt and get on your knees.  Submissive men and slaves belong on their knees looking up at their Mistress in adoration when appropriate or being spoken to or staring at the floor (to learn humility and to think about how to better serve)."

                  I am standing by the sliding glass door leading to the balcony, staring out at the city and the nightlights.  There is some scrambling noises and a rustling of clothes, but I don't look back.  He either obeys or he doesn't.  If he can't do something so simple, I am sure there are many other submissives who are able and willing.

                 I am presently surprised to see a very naked male leaning his face against my lower thigh, just beneath the line of my skirt.  He kneels there and waits.  I approve of his patience.

                 After a few minutes, the silence becomes too much for him.  "Mistress?"

                 Ah yes, training my new sub.  "Stay there." I said.  I walk over to my bags and pull out a training collar with leash and puts it around his neck.  Adorable!  Very puppy like.  Handsome!  I pull out my riding crop and let the smooth roughness of the leather rub over his soft skin as I inspect my property.  Nice male nipples, a little flab here and there, nice big cock, round virgin bubble butt.... 

                 "You've been pretty sassy to me, you know.  A submissive male doesn't need to be arrogant, macho, give me sass, and in fact, all of that is a hinderance in being a good submissive.  If I am going to be your Mistress, then I'm the boss, and you NEED to remember that.  You need to know your place and I don't want to have to keep reminding you of it.  In fact, it would be remiss of me to not punish you for acting like that.  I've been too lenient."

                 "I'm sorry.  I thought we were joking around and I forget my place."  He makes puppy dog eyes at me and does that cute little pout.  Sigh...I almost couldn't resist, but I have to punish him or else I'd set a bad precedent. I sit down on the edge of the bed and motion him to crawl over with my fingers.  He crawls over with a little butt wiggle.  That slut!  It makes me smile to see that nice ass.

                  "Drape yourself over my knees, and make sure that ass is at my knee level."  I ordered with a smile.

                  "Yes, Ma'am."  He positions himself over my knees, but since he's over 6 feet, the first half of his body is hanging over and he uses his hand on the edge of the bed and his head on the bed for leverage.  He squirms a bit on my lap with a freaking hardon.  The nerve to get hard when I'm about to punish him.  I think he might enjoy it just a little too much.

                  All the instruments of torture lies neatly on my bed.  A wooden paddle.  A hairbrush.  A black leather flogger. 

                  He sees those instruments on the bed and squirms a bit more.  "Ummm....I don't think you should spank me.  You should let me lick you or fuck you instead."

                  "How dare you?  How can you even suggest that?  I'm not your toy. I should use your body whenever and however I please, not the other way around.  And right now I want to spank you for being naughty and for presuming that you can get away with it by licking me or providing sex, I think that deserves a few more spanks."

                  He does that famous pout again.  "Fine, I can take it."

                  "Hold still." I said.  "And yes, you will take it.  I'll make your ass all nice and red."  I rubbed my hands on his ass cheeks and squeezed those globes.  Nice and firm.

                  Smack.  Smack. Smack.  A nice little warm up with my hands, but I soon picked up the hairbrush and did a few smacks with the handle of the hairbrush.  I don't think it really hurt him because his hardon was poking firmly in my lap.  And he's still way too smug.  He didn't even make much noise or plea.  Well fine then, I'll show him.

                   Wooden paddle time.  Smack.  Smack.  Smack.  "Count out loud for me."  He did in between breaths.  "One...two...three...oh please stop."  I smiled.  "Ah, feel free to beg and plea your case.  I might enjoy listening to that.  And maybe if you're a bit more humble I wouldn't have to spank you often in the future, but if you're bad I don't mind repeating this or I could torture you with something else."

                  "Ouch.  Stop.  Please...  I'll be good."  His ass was turning pink.  I think I'll make it a light shade of red at least.  "What do you mean torture me with something else?" He asks.

                  I stopped hitting in between and started sensually rubbing his ass cheeks and teasing him by caressing his balls lightly with my fingertips and pinching his butt.

                  "Oh I don't know.  There are all kinds of torture.  Orgasm denials for the night, nipple torture, I could tie you up and do all kinds of things to you, I could take that cherry ass....look, who knows.  I could make you sleep in a hog-tie. I'm sure I'll come up with something fun."

                  When I felt that he was significantly regretful and that it's time to stop the punishment I grabbed the ointment, aloe oil/lotion to soothe him.  I poured it on my hand and rubbed it into his cheeks and kept rubbing until it's all nice and warm. 

                   "I don't like pain but that wasn't too bad."  Ross looks at me and smiles.  "And I like how you're rubbing my ass at the end.  It really shows you care about me."

                   "Duh.  You big lug.  Of course I do.  I'm not some cold, evil bitch Mistress who's a complete sadist and unemotional.  I think I'm too sensitive and emotional sometimes." 

                    "I like that about you.  When I first contacted you, I told you that's one of the things I like about you."

                    I told him to get up and get on the bed.  And I want my toes sucked individually, and have nice little kisses up my legs starting from my ankle.  In this case and instance, I guess wishes do come true because I got my toes sucked good (all individually too) and as much kisses as I wanted from Ross.  The trip was fun indeed.  We had a blast, and got to take in a comedy at the New York New York.  I even won a few hundred bucks at the slots and at the blackjack table.  Ross had fun too, I showed him all the cool slots with bonus games and spins since this is his first time in Vegas.  He won $500 on the wheel of fortune slot and he was as happy as a kid. 

                   "Come back with me to Fargo."  He mumbles on the last night.

                    Half asleep I said, "Too cold."

                   "Come to Fargo."  He's a bit louder.  I wonder if he's talking in his sleep.  I peek over, he's awake.

                   "Too cold."  I repeated.

                   "Come to Fargo, baby."

                   "Too cold."  We giggled and laughed in the night.  It was a nice end to a week of Vegas style fun, a bit light on the femdom stuff, but hey, he's a newbie and I don't want to scare him away.  Plus I really like how sweet and nice he is to me, when he's not all mouthy. 




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