This is a soul deep love letter that's passionate and filled with heart wrenching emotion, to my love.  I don't know where you are, but I miss you.


Dear Love,

Even though we may not have met, I miss you fiercely. I constantly wonder how you are doing and where you are. My heart aches for yours, lost and lonely, night after night. I look up at the night sky and pray to find you, but more importantly I pray that you're ok. It would hurt me if you weren't. Whenever I walk down the street, in the restaurant, on the beach, everywhere I eyes searches for yours, hoping to get a glimpse of you. Hoping to just know it's you, I don't know what clue I'm waiting for because I laugh when I picture you throwing up a flare in the sky and saying, "Here I am."

I love you so much. It is not just words to me, I have never said them to anyone who didn't pressure them out of me or with such emotion/feeling that every cell and fiber of my being agrees. I would go to the end of the world to find you, if I knew where you are. Sacrifices, I don't mind, if I know it's you and it's really you. Sometimes I wonder, am I even on the right planet? Am I born too early or too late, will our paths ever cross? I don't care who and what you are, as long as our souls resonante and you're mine and I'm yours.

I know this letter may seem like late night ramblings, but it's just all the things I've never been able to say. I want to wake up in your arms, I want to see your eyes, your smile. It bothers me to wonder if you're lonely this holiday season and that I can't just put my arms around you and say, "I'm here. I'll be here, it's ok. I love you."

Please God, please make sure he's ok because I can't bear it if you're not. Please smile and be happy and know that somewhere out there, your soulmate loves you.





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