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Slave Auction

                Chained to a post on the wooden platform of a public slave auction, a slave’s body jerked violently with each furious crack of the whip.  Despite the flesh on his back being torn to shreds he didn’t beg for mercy or cry out.  That caught my attention and stoked my curiosity to know his crime.  The crowd whispered to each other watching the beating like a form of entertainment, some were merely bored.  I sighed, knowing that I couldn't prevent myself from getting involved and stepped onto the platform.

                “Francesca, STOP.  What is his crime?  You will kill him if you don’t stop.  You could still sell him for some coin, but not if he’s dead.”  Marie was never one to mind her own business, and curiosity of this man’s crime or sin got the better of her.  Francesca, the chief of the slave auction, a muscular and burly type stilled and threw her a glare of annoyance.  I don’t care if I’m ruining her fun, he could use a break.  She was on her way home from business, never intending to stop at the auction although it was in the center of the flowing open market on her way, but she was glad she did.  She didn’t agree with cruelty or unjustified viciousness.

His head lifted at the sound of her voice and with a quick shake of his head to clear that mop of curly jet black hair out of his eyes and to fling away the sweat and blood at his temple, he assessed the newcomer.   Slender with long wavy black hair and dark exotic eyes garbed in a form-fitting brown silk gown, she was a beauty.  But was she as cruel as the other?

Marie walked up the steps onto the platform and stopped directly in front of the slave and eyed his injuries warily, assessing the damage done.  “What is your name?

He remained silent and Francesca wielded another blow to his bloody back with her whip causing his head to jerk back up.  His teeth clenched tightly in pain.  Stubborn male.

“Enough, I said.  Sell him to me.  He’s unruly and worthless and won’t fetch much in today’s auction.”  I looked at his darkly tanned skin and his finely corded body, his otherwise good looks if unmarked by injuries, and tried to ignore that large organ that hung limp between his legs.  He was injured and wouldn’t be able to do any work for awhile but his spirit and that spark of intelligence I glimpsed behind those unyielding dark green eyes was worth something to me.

Francesca stood next to her and gripped his manhood firmly and started yanking it to the excited grasps and murmurings from the crowd and the thing hardened to a very good size.  “But he’s big and some women will bid for him I am sure.”   His face and ears turned red as he spat at her, earning him a slap on the face.  An ugly brute of a woman, her fingers were callused, and her cruelty just makes her that much more ugly and despicable.  His hands fisted and he tugged hard at his shackles causing the steel to scrap across the raw bloody flesh that was his wrists.


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