Shadow In My Heart

 A Love poem entitled "Shadow In My Heart" is basically a poem about someone you know for just a moment and love.  You can't get this person out of your mind but it was only a chance meeting for one moment that touched your heart that will stay with you for a long time.  This poem is dedicated to the people we meet that have left such a huge footprint behind. 

Shadow In My Heart


                                                                                                       You’re the shadow in my heart

                                                                                                       Like the wind you are

                                                                                                       Blowing through my life

                                                                                                       But only for a moment

                                                                                                       And leaving behind this

                                                                                                       Shadow in my heart, so unique

                                                                                                       There’s no one like you


                                                                                                       You burn me up, Turkish flame

                                                                                                       In dreams I see your face

                                                                                                       In real life you are not mine

                                                                                                       I hunger, but am never full

                                                                                                       I crave, but am never satisfied


                                                                                                       Oh shadow in my heart

                                                                                                       This is tearing me apart

                                                                                                       You’ve asked me once

                                                                                                       “What would I give?”

                                                                                                       The answer is this,

                                                                                                       “What wouldn’t I give?”


                                                                                                       For the chance of forever

                                                                                                       With you, nothing else matters

                                                                                                       But you are the wind

                                                                                                       And I am just a dreamer

                                                                                                       And maybe this could never be


                                                                                                       But let me have a moment then

                                                                                                       A piece of you, I shall keep

                                                                                                       A shadow in my heart

                                                                                                       Never enough, but if this is all

                                                                                                       Then let me have it and weep.





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