Queening From a Submissive


                  I've found a treasure in the perfect submissive, he's everything that I could ever want and more...  Mi Manchi!

                  He brings me wine from Northern California's wine country and when he invited me over I was surprised that he had remembered my favorite flowers.  Pink tulips sat in a glass vase on the dinning table and another bunch that he handed to me.  I was sipping the wine as I watched him cook, the smell was delicious.

                  Eggplant parmesan in marinara sauce, he remembered.  He asked me if I wanted the original version which is fried or the Weight Watchers version which is grilled.  I laughed.  "Grilled," I said.  I smelled garlic bread too. 

                  When he brought the food over and I started to eat, I noticed that he was munching on a salad.  "What's the matter?  Are you on a diet or something?"  I was curious.

                 "No, Mistress.  I'm eating light in case you had plans for me."

                 I arched my eyebrows up, "Oh?  Is that right?"  I smiled at him.  "Maybe I do."

                 We talked about a lot of things, his business, mine, the health care reform, the problems with he's having with the truck, the bdsm toys he's making for me, and what movie we were planning to watch in the living room.  It wasn't that different from a normal date except I knew who was in control and I could "order him" or ask for anything I wanted and tell him to go "fetch."  And I also know that I didn't have to do dishes.  He's so awesome and really caters to me.  We always joke about how I could just order him to "Come here now" and he'd looked at my face to determine if he could get away with walking, or if he had to run over, or if I was pissed at him then he'd crawl over.

                 Life is good! 

                 We were watching a movie, and he asks me "Sweety, would you like me to rub your feet?"  I had put my legs in his lap.  "Yes, that would be excellent."  Yes, I did permit him to call me "Baby, Babe, Sweety, and Honey" occasionally as we are dating too.  It's not just a D/s relationship.

                  "Go to the bathroom and rinse your mouth with Listerine and then brush your teeth and come back here." I said during the last hour of the movie.  "I have something for you to do."

                  "Yes, Mistress."  He hurried to comply. 

                 When he came back, I ordered him to go to the bedroom to get all the pillows.  I lined them up in a row in front of the couch and I told him to stand at the end.  "Strip NOW!" I ordered. I took out the shiny black bondage tape (bondage tape is awesome because it doesn't stick to skin or hair) and started wrapping him up from his ankles upward.  I left a gap around his crotch so his dick/balls hang out and then continued to wrap until I got to his shoulders. 

                  He was all bound tightly standing straight up and looking at me wondering what I was up to.  I leaned in close and kissed his cheek.  "Trust me?"  I whispered in his ear.

                  "Yes." He said and that was all I needed to hear. 

                  "Ok, I'm going to lower you down but I want you to use your feet and lean back very slowly and I'll be right in back of you to make sure you don't fall.  And there's all those pillows in the back too.  Ok, do you feel me in the back?  Just lean back slowly...there you go.  Ok, drop.  Got you."

                  When I got him lying down on the pillows, I put blindfolds over his eyes.  And I cut little holes in the bondage tape where his nipples would be and pinched them out.  I played with them for a few minutes.  Got those nipples all nice and stiff.  Yay!!!  I put little suction cups over them because I told him that I wanted him to have bigger nipples because he's my slut and I'd take him to get them pierced soon.  Yup, he can't take off that shirt in front of his Mom anymore...

                  I started wrapping his dick up with rope because I like to tug on it.  Kind of like a dick leash...I have a dick collar/leash in small chains too but rope is fun sometimes.   "What I want you to do is to lick and suck my pussy as I finish the rest of the movie.  And no more talking from this point on, unless there's a problem.  Got it?"  In case some of you don't know, the term "Queening" means facesitting in bdsm.

                  "Yes, Mistress."  He replied as I straddled his face and slowly lowered myself onto his mouth and waiting tongue.  "Good boy!!!  You're awesome, you know that!"  I love to give him positive reinforcement because he really is good, and I am so proud and happy to have him.

                  I did watch the movie, and occasionally moaned because it was so good.  When he slowed down I'd lift up a little so he could get a few breaths and a few seconds to relax before I sat back down and tugged on the rope on his dick and swatted at his dick and balls with the fly swatter. 

                  I pulled the small suctions off his nipples and started pinching and pulling on them.  I heard muffled "Mmmmm..." and slight flinching from him because I bet they were starting to get really sensitive.  I held my glass of cold ice tea over his nipple and pressed down and he flinched a bit more.  I did that to the other nipple too.  It's so much fun toying with him, until he started energetically swiping his tongue up and down my slit.  Geez...   I almost forgot what I was doing.  He started circling my clit with his tongue and making circles around it and over it. 

                 I couldn't think so I just leaned back and enjoyed myself.  I thoroughly enjoyed the moment and being able to spend time with him.  I remember him telling me that queening him was kind of like "cuddling" to him because he was afraid that I wouldn't want to cuddle or that I wouldn't let him hold me.  Well, he's going to be surprised.

                 I almost missed the ending of the movie because I had my eyes closed and was moaning softly and pinching my own nipples....  Do I care if I miss the ending of the movie?  No.  That's why it's good to watch DVDs, I can always watch the ending when it's more convenient. 

                 It was getting late and I wanted to go to sleep.  I told him I was going to sleep over because I didn't want to go home and it was too late.  I peeled off the bondage tape and released him but I didn't release his dick.  Oh well, guess he can't jerk off tonight.  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and to get ready for bed.  He had changed the sheets and was straightening the bedroom.  He came into the bathroom and rinsed his mouth and brushed his teeth.  "Thank you Mistress."  He said when he looked at me.

                 "What for?"  I asked.

                 "For queening me."  He replied.  I just smiled, "You're welcome and it was my pleasure."  I winked at him and walked out.   He slid into bed next to me and turned off the lamp on the side.  I reached over and gave his balls a squeeze.  He placed a gentle kiss on my lips and said, "Good night Mistress, sleep well and sweet dreams."

                 "Thanks.  And by the way, you may cuddle me.  It is sort of chilly tonight."

                 He smiled against my neck, "Ah that, yes it is."

                 I fell alseep in his arms.  He said he'd protect me if anyone breaks in and I believe him.  He goes to the shooting range with me, his cousin is a firearms expert and his Aunt shoots too.  He said I'd be part of his family if I own him permanently...well that doesn't sound too bad.  Who knows, but I'll definitely think about it. 





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