Nameless Sub


                I’m beating that nameless slave crouched on all fours in front of me, bound tightly by ropes on his hands and feet with his head bowed.   He’s nameless because he’s not the one I’m thinking of, wishing for….  Sure, I’m working out my frustrations and stress of this week, but that’s not it either.

                As he cries out and whimpers with every stinging hit of my flogger my mind is far away.  My heart is pounding as I imagine you, helpless and bound by my hands, as I give you the lashes you owe me for every time you irritate me or act in a stubborn or temperamental way, but truthfully I am just mad at you for making me feel when I don’t want to.  I want to hurt you, and tear you up and see your flesh turn bright red but deep down inside I wonder if it will hurt me or cause my heart to ache every time that whip or crop bites into you.   Can I hide the pain in my eyes from you when I see your pain?  I refuse to let you glimpse it.

                All those ropes and chains I dream of to keep you in, to prevent you from eluding me.   There will be no escape from me when I come for you.  You will not want to go by then because I will be in your thoughts, making you restless without me, driving you crazy, and be more addicting than the sweetest perfume.  I’ll bring you pleasure and take you to heights you can’t imagine as feelings so pure and good rush past you as your heart hammer thunderously.   This is just the beginning as my eyes burn you with their intensity and their fire, with my fingernails cutting into you, marking you as mine. 

                Only one can tempt me and taunt me with his elusiveness, challenges me mentally, and makes me wild with longing to tame and capture him. 




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