My Slave in Uniform


                  It was hot and I was all sweaty despite there being two fans in the room.  But I didn't care about the heat or the stars through the glass ceiling window.  I was taking out my frustrations on a cute vanilla 22 year old guy, and he probably doesn't know what the heck came over me.  We were on the rooftop room on a skyscraper and he was a property manager assistant.  I had just met him today and he was just right for what I need.

               I felt so frustrated and upset.  I had just lost my slave in uniform, he'd cut the lock on his chastity belt and escaped.

               I didn't want anything long term right now, but it was fun and he was great.  And he'd have been the perfect slave for 6 months to a year.  And I just wasn't ready to let him go.  It's all my fault too, for pushing for hugs and cuddles.  It's funny how that scared him off instead of my flogger. 

               My little handsome haole was handcuffed to the arms of the bamboo sofa, eyes shocked and in disbelief.  "Hey, what are you doing?"

               I just giggled.  "You told me you wanted to bring me up here and have some fun.  Ever been tied up or had a Domme?  I like submissive guys, I told you that earlier today."  I started groping his butt.  Too damn skinny and bony and flat.  No jiggle.  Gosh, he has a white boy's ass.

               "Yeah, but I thought you meant you wanted to be on top."  He replied and shook the handcuffs, trying to slip them off.  He couldn't.  "A little rough sex is ok every now and then.  But you said he didn't hold you and I was going to hold you as much as you like."  Ahhh...

               Why do vanilla guys think that I like being on top during sex when I say I want a submissive?  It couldn't be further from the truth, as this fellow will find out shortly.

                I pulled his jeans and boxers off.  "Let's see what you've got."  Hairy pubes and a nice smooth average cock that I started slapping around. 

                "Hey hey, careful with that.  You might want to try out my cock later so you should be nice to it."  He was trying to turn his body away from my slaps.  So I leaned over his body and bit his nipple.  "Ouch!!!  Stop that!"  He was squirming a bit.

                I laughed and bit the other nipple just as hard.  "Hold still, or I'm gonna hurt you."

                "Ok, if you're going to get rough, let's just watch Ghostbusters."  He pleaded.

                I shook my head, "Nope, you said I could do whatever I want.  Liar!  Don't back out now."

                I put my ass by his face, "Kiss my ass now!"    "Yes Mistress."  He said, playing along.  I pulled him by his hair, and forced his mouth on my clit and told him to "lick me."   And he did, with much enthusiasm.  Ah young boys!  

                "That's enough!"  I said, yanking his head away.  I put alligator clips on his nipples, the one with the chain attached to it.  And I tied rope around his balls and around the bottom of his cock.  I'm getting ready to staddle him up.  And yes, I didn't forget the condom or lube.

                I'd have preferred to ride my slave, since he was bigger but oh well.  He's not here and this one will do.  To be honest, I did care just a tad.  He was smart, nice and funny, how could I not?  And this vanilla guy is no substitute despite his good looks and little boy charm. 

                "Tell me when you are about to cum."  I ordered.  I squeezed his balls for emphasis.

                "Sure.  I mean yes Mistress."

                Everytime he was about to cum, I made sure to squeeze his balls hard, held still so he could calm down, and yanked on the chain of those alligator clips.  I straddled him and rode him reverse cowboy style too.  When I was done and bored, I made him lick my panties.

                "Lick my toes too."  He made a face.  "That's gross, I'm not really into that."    "Too fucking bad, just do it."  He did lick it tentatively.

                When I released those alligator clips on him, his nipples must have been numb because he was cursing up a storm, "fuck, shit that hurts."

                "Hey, are you going to leave me here like this?  I didn't cum yet."  He reminded me.  I just laughed.

                "Yes, I'm going to leave you like that.  I'll leave the door close, but you said no one goes on the rooftop except you and your coworker.  And here's the key to the handcuffs."  I put them just slightly out of reach near his hand. 

                "Wait, wait, wait.  Don't go yet."  He said as I was putting on my clothes and wiping sweat off my forehead.

                "Why not?"  I asked.

                "Don't you want to cuddle or finish me off?"  He begged.  "Nope, I don't."  I replied.

                "And you said you'd give me a blowjob or handjob if I fetch you the drinks from across the street." 

                I laughed.  "Oh well, too bad."  I turned away and didn't even look at him.  Poor Dean. 

                "Well, can I call you later or email you?"

                I didn't answer.  He's a sweet kid.  He shouldn't have ran into me today.  I did give him my email address earlier but I won't respond if he does email me.  The good thing is at least he's a Libertarian and a bona fide Ron Paul supporter, I don't run into that many of them on the island and hey, he got laid out of it. 

                "Well?  Hey you..." He was calling out.  I walked out and closed the door.

                See, I wouldn't be taking out my frustrations on poor innocent vanilla boys if I only had a slave. 

                As I left, I did look up at the night sky and the brilliant stars and pictured my slave in his chastity belt on all fours with his ass high in the air to greet me.  Such a sweet sight it was.  Man, my slave in uniform did have a great ass.  And I'll miss it, with or without those pink panties I made him wear. 




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