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“Do you want me to turn down the AC?” He asked, a bit concerned.  “Yeah, maybe a little.”

When I drift off to sleep he’s usually holding me from the back, as I wiggle to get closer and feel peaceful and content.  I think about how he came into my life and I am thankful that he is there.  He is young, supple, slender, and toned with a cute boyish look oozing tons of charm.  But it wasn’t his looks that captivated me, that was merely a nice bonus…it was something more, his fiery spirit, the intensity burning in his eyes, the loyalty and dedication he’s shown me, the maturity and intelligence that surprised me and his need to belong exclusively to me. 

We usually talk for hours about all sorts of things and have lots of fun together.  I’m amazed that he can deal with my many moods and that he doesn’t think I’m difficult but just find it challenging and likes being kept on his toes. 

When I’m halfway to dreamland, I suddenly remember that he wanted to say something earlier.  “So what were you trying to say earlier?”  I asked.

“I just want to say I’m so glad you’ve found me.”  And he snuggled closer and kissed my neck.

“Me too.  By the way, the dinner you cooked tonight was excellent; you’re getting a lot better at it.”  The sweet little thing made dinner and set a table out on the lanai with white wine and cherries for dessert.   I yawned and closed my eyes.  The last thing I heard was a faint, “I’ll become better for you.”



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