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“Yeah, yeah, and that’s a good thing too.  Don’t be a brat and make me cum NOW.” 

“Will you promise to leave me half of my hair on my head and not trade me in for a younger guy?”  He asked, half joking and half serious.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, what am I going to do with this kid.  At that exact moment his mouth descended on my clit and all thoughts flew out the window, my spine arched up and I was going crazy.  No one sucks like he does.  He pushed a thick dildo into my pussy and fucked me with it as he sucked and flicked at my clit hard like he was lashing at it with his tongue.  So damn good. 

I raked the sheet and clench at the pillow and feel the tension building.  It was too much pleasure, surely I’d die, and I wonder if I can take my slave with me.  What would heaven or hell be like without him?  I can’t imagine.  

“Gosh, you are amazingly talented.  I’m definitely not trading you in for another submissive.”

He looked up at me between my thighs and a huge grin broke out on his face, juices covering his mouth and chin, “Mistress, another one?  How many do you want tonight?  Do you want me to lick your ass too?”  My little pet was all excited and happy to have made me so happy and to know that he pleases me.  His goal and dream is to be useful and valuable to me, to serve me, and to please me in every way.  I like that in a man--in a slave, especially my slave.

“I want at least 2 tonight, and yes you may lick my ass, my little pet.”  My toes relaxed their curl, coming down from the orgasm; my body was happy and content.  That is, until he started licking again, and teasing all my sensitive spots with his tongue and fingers, and a silver bullet vibrator.  In mere moments, before I could form any more thoughts in my head, he had me at the edge again, waiting for the waves of pleasure to crash into me. 

“Yes, yes, yes!!!!”   My joints felt rubbery, and my body sluggish and totally relaxed.

“Go rinse your mouth and come back to bed, my feet are getting cold.” I stretch my arms under my pillow and yawn. 


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