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“Lift up.”  I slid a pillow under his back.  “Put your feet on my shoulders.”  I rubbed lube on the dildo and lined it up to his hole and in one push it was all the way in.  He didn’t even have time to yelp.  This was it, I love watching the pain and pleasure mixed in his expressions as I thrust furiously into him.  He is my slut to use and abuse, no one else’s.   He moaned and I smiled as I pounded him because this 23 year old kid came to me as a virgin, completely innocent with dimples and blushes and now look at him.   You wouldn’t have guessed that it was the same person.  My bad influence I suppose, although I do see occasional blushes still, and the tips of his ears turn pink when he’s shy about something.  It’s so adorable.  I pounded him faster and faster, tilting him to the perfect angle to give it to him deep. 

I paused for a moment to roughly scrap off the wax on his dick with my fingers.  Then I stroked him a few times.  “I’ll fuck you until you cum from just me fucking you and I’m not going to touch your dick again.”  I gave his nipples a few pinches and pulled out.  I flipped him onto his stomach and put his legs together straight out because he’d be so tight in this position.  I put more lube on his ass and lay on top of him with my legs on each side of his hips and started thrusting hard and deep.  After a few minutes of this I heard, “Mistress, may I please have permission to cum.”

“Oh, alright.”  I felt his butt cheeks clench and a loud moan.  He was done for the night; my little bitch must be exhausted.  I pulled out and untied him.  I took the dildo from the strapon and ran hot water over it in the bathroom sink and also a hand towel.  I squeezed the water out of the towel and threw it at him.  “Go wipe yourself and clean up the mess in the living room.  And put on your panties.”

“Yes, Mistress.”   He paused in the bathroom doorway, about to say something but he decided against it.  I looked at him and he quickly left to finish cleaning up.  I’ll get it out of him later.  He can’t keep secrets from me for long.

Lounging in bed, I stretch out on the bed on my stomach and feel fingers massaging my back and kisses raining down my neck, shoulders, and hot breath on my ear promising more.  I feel the kisses trail down my back, hard kisses and light feathery ones and also a few gentle nips of the teeth.  “Hmmmm, you’re so good.”  He spread my legs and crouched between them, and blew on my sex.  “Oh, geez, don’t tease. I’m dripping, lick me NOW.”  Immediately I felt soft hot tongue on my slit, licking up and down hard and suction on my nether lips. 

I turned over on my back so he could service me properly.  I was dying to have that talented tongue on me.  He was still teasing me and sticking his tongue in and trying to tongue fuck me.  I grabbed him by his hair and tugged, pulling him up.  “Stop playing, suck my clit and suck it hard.” 

“You’re so impatient.  It’s a good thing I have lots of hair or else I’ll be bald at a young age.”  He’s a bit spunky and goofy at times but he knows when he can get away with it and when not to provoke me.


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