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My Little Sex Toy


                Bound tightly with para-cord like an offering, inescapable he waits with downcast eyes biting softly on his lips.  He waits in anticipation and fear as I walk around his bound body, caressing his skin and pinching his ass.  My little pet wonders if he’s misbehaved or if I am being playful tonight.  He’ll find out soon enough.  I love groping his ass and squeezing those bubbly cheeks, he is my sex toy after all.

                Grabbing his hair I roughly yanked his head up. “Look at me, my pet.”  I slid my black lacy panties from under my black cocktail dress slowly down my legs and watched his eyes follow the movement of my hands.  “Open your mouth.”  With the panty stuffed in his mouth and I carefully wrapped bondage tape around his head 2-3 times to keep them in. 

                I lit the honey dew scented candle that came in a jar and set that down on the floor.  As I scrapped my fingernails on his nipple I watched his eyes as I increased the pressure of my pinching fingers before rolling and twisting them.  He tries to moan but all I hear is a muffled “mmmm.”  If I hadn’t gagged him, he’d be moaning the entire night.  “You’re a little slut, aren’t you?”  I laughed at him as I flicked my crop several times at his cock and balls.  He was rock hard.  “You love it when I’m like this.” I smile as I put a clothespin on each of his nipple before turning my attention to his cock and balls.  I pulled out some loose skin on his balls and end up putting 15 clothespins there.  “Just warming up,” I say. 

                I leaned in and bit his ear softly before whispering, “Be right back.  Don’t move.”  Not like he could if he wanted to anyway.  I went to the kitchen to fetch an ice tray.  Ice is so much fun.  I sucked on an ice cube watching his intense stare before taking it out of my mouth and gliding it down my throat and then down between my breasts.  “I bet you’d like to lick the drops of water off my skin.  Not tonight, maybe some other time.”  I walked over and casually removed those clothespins.  “It was starting to hurt, wasn't it?” I smiled.  “I know.”  I see tiny flickers of pain on his expression.  “Shhs.” I gently rubbed the indentations on his tender flesh.  Removing another ice cube from the tray I put one on each nipple noticing his flinch from the initial cold.  “Don’t be a baby.”  The ice was melting fast so I put both hands a few inches over his groin and watched the ice water drip onto his dick.  Enough of that!

                I pulled out my metal mail opener and dipped it into the liquid candle wax.  Scooping some wax out I applied a coat of it on his nipples and smiled.  “Burns, doesn’t it?”  I leaned in and bit his shoulder, leaving a few temporary teeth indentations.  “You’re just so delicious.”  I dipped my mail opener back into the candle jar.  “Are you ready for some of this on your dick?”  His eyes got bigger and he started to try to inch backwards which just made me laugh.  “Oh come on, its fun.”  I grabbed the rope near his chest and pulled him forward.  “Don’t be a fuck’en baby!”  I slapped his face and stabbed my heel into his thigh and yanked him forward a little more.  “Don’t move, or I’ll be pissed and you won’t like it if I am.” 


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