Male Submissive Painslut


         Ordinarily I tend to stay away from male submissive painsluts who are masochistic and into extreme torture, because some of them sound a bit nuts to me.  Hence I get all the wimps and wussies.  Right!   But I met this one who was very intelligent and sane, and amazingly funny.

         After cracking me up for several hours, I almost forget that he sought me out to torture him...and I'm not talking about some nipple torture or a few slaps here and there.  I think this guy can take the worse that I can think of to dish out.  He's a humungous hairy Italian, built like a football player.  He's not fat or anything, just very muscular and bulky.  So I tell him, "Hey, I'm looking for a gentle and kind houseboy who's kind of on the slender boyish side."

         So he was all sad, and begged for a chance to prove himself.  He said I shouldn't prejudge without getting to know him more and that's he's gentle...and not all mean and bad ass like how he looks.  I had to smile at that, because he does look really scary.  I wouldn't mess with him if I saw him on the street.

         And he says he's normally very cautious but he believes that I am trustworthy and safe.  That makes me smile.

         So after awhile, I determine that he wants me to beat the heck out of him and torture him... and not the spanking/flogging stuff.

         Strip.  He quickly strips, with his eyes not looking at me as I lean against the wall with my arms crossed, and watches.  Yikes, hairy!  I'm talking bear type.  And I tell him to turn around, yikes hairy ass too.  Not exactly my favorite sights.  But hey, he just wants to be beat up, no biggie.  He doesn't have to be a model to be a painslut or torture slave.

          But when he turned back around, I was shocked.  He had a dick the width of a pepsi can, and it was as long as 3/4 of a water bottle.  I was stunned because I thought those guys in porno videos are mostly digitally enhanced and I've never seen one like that in real life.  And he tells me he's a virgin and that whoever "collars" him gets to do whatever she wants with him.  I just smile and think to myself...yeah sure, you're the painslut, I doubt she would be.

          I tell him to lay flat down on the carpet.  I've always wanted to try trampling but never got a chance to do it because I've mainly met wimpy guys and slenders guys before and none of them could handle me walking all over them.  At least in my opinion.   But somehow, with him I had no doubt that he could handle it and be ok with my weight on him.

          I debated if I should take off my sandals or not.  Not!  He can take it!

          I put one hand against the wall, and took a deep breath before stepping one foot on his thigh and the other on his stomach.  Yes, I worry.  Damnit, I'm a Domme but of course I would worry about him.  I worry about every single submissive or slave I play with or torture.  It's my responsibility the time that they are with me.  I take it really seriously.

           He grimaced but other than that, he looked ok.  So I got more confident and started walking and stomping around on him. 

           "Oh yeah.  Big bad painslut huh?  Do you like me walking all over you?  How long has it been?  3 years you said?"  I grinned down at him.

           "Yes, Mistress."  He grunted.  I was stepping around on his chest and stomach.  He wasn't tied up so he has his hand on my foot and then my calves.

           "Hey, put your hands on the floor.  Don't touch me."  No I wasn't wearing a skirt, I don't want a slave looking up my skirt.  I was wearing green cargo shorts and a black tank top which he seems to dig because he's the outdoor type and we talked about Quads and camping etc. earlier. The sandals were brown, so yup, I'm in BDU colors (for those in the military).

            "I'm going to stomp on that pepsi can between your legs.  See how you like it."  Yeah, evil grin.  Seriously, my sadistic and evil side does come out occasionally.

            "Please Mistress."  He raised his head a little off the ground to look.

            "Please what??"  I asked, pausing. 

            "Please step on it." 

            "Oh shut the fuck up!  No one tells me what to do.  Just for that I'm stepping on your balls too."  Which is probably playing right into his hands, damn that painslut.

            Oh gosh.  He moaned...he actually likes it.  Freaking incredible.  How many guys do you know likes having his dick stomped on?  And I wasn't doing it lightly either.

            So I kick and step on his balls next.  He yelps and fists his hands.   Damn...still no safeword coming out of his mouth yet.

            After 2-3 minutes, I told him to roll over.  I stomped on his ass, and then stepped between his legs to kick his balls that were hanging below his ass.  Just a change of scenery.

            And then I got bored....  So I lean against the wall trying to decide what to do with him.

            So I bust out the thin piece of wood cane I had ordered online.  I beat his thighs, his ass, and his back.  There were red lines all over his back side, criss crossing and it was just a jumble mess of red lines.  There were no specific patterns to the hits.

            When my hand got tired, I stopped.  Torture session was officially over. 

            I sit down on the carpet and lean against the wall.  He slumped over next to me, resting his head on my shoulder.  I didn't hold him or anything but he can put his head there and we can talk. 

            "Mistress, if you collar me, I'm yours to do with as you please."  He said after 10 minutes of silence.  Still trying to sell himself.  As fun as it is, I tell him that I'm not looking for a torture slave, and that my sadistic side only comes out every once in awhile.  I want a houseboy!  

            "Well, if you ever want someone to beat up and know where to find me."

            "Yes, I'll keep that in mind."  And then he thanked me for my time and we went and had dinner.  I don't know if there's going to be another torture session or not, but it was fun knowing that I couldn't break him and I didn't have to be gentle. 

            I think that deep down he's a gentle giant, and a really nice guy.  I hope that he finds a good Domme that will be good to him.  I really got to know the kind of person he is during the several hours that we spent together hanging out, before the torture.  Most people forget about the "individual" person or the people involved in bdsm but that's what I look at.  I care more about "who" the person is, than what kinks/fetishes/fantasies they are interested in.  I want to know what makes them unique and what makes them tick and I want to see inside of them. 

             That's what makes it all worth it to me.  Even if he is a submissive painslut and a extreme torture slave.  I guess if someone was looking for extreme degradation and to be the lowest of all possible scum...then I'm probably the wrong Domme for them.






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