Heartache Over a Male Submissive


                (Dedicated to RB, the submissive and friend that I've known for 2 years, who always picks me up when I am down and makes me smile.  You'll always be my dream. Hopefully at least the friendship part survives, because whichever Domme you end up with, as long as you're happy, then I'm happy for you.  But you know that already.)


                   It was a cold bleak winter afternoon with grey clouds and nonstop snow.  I was here finally, in the city I would never have thought to find myself in years ago and without the reason...the submissive that I'd come here for.  The irony.  I could have cancelled the trip, but hey maybe I wanted to know what freezing my ass off would be like and how a stiff drink in a bar up North would burn my throat going down the wrong way and make me cough.

                   What had brought me here?  It was a dream.... months ago. 



                    "I'm home!"  I yelled out, stomping off the snow on my boots before stepping inside.  My wonderful submissive/boyfriend smiled and came over to give me a thorough kiss and a squeeze, before dropping down on his knees to remove my boots.  I put a firm hand on his shoulder and lifted one foot so he could remove them.  "Thanks!"

                    "How was your day?" We both said at once, then laughed.  I'd permitted him to wear boxers and a tshirt with his collar today because he had to study tonight for his exams and I was trying to be good.  I retrieved the leash hanging by the door and attached it to his collar, dragging him to the couch.  No, he doesn't have to crawl all the time, just when I ask and when I'm in the mood for it.  He is a boyfriend too.

                    "Well I got that advertising project and I totally won that client over."  I smiled brightly.   "Wow, nice baby, I mean my sweet Mistress I knew you could do it."  I laughed, "Ass kisser you!" 

                    "I could do that later too, if you like."  He teased, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.  I laughed, "You're such a smartass."

                    "Oh yeah, that's me.  Smart and with a nice fine ass, hence you're here with me and not those other subs.  You love my ass, you rave about it enough times."

                   "That's enough punk!  Go fetch me my dinner and iced green tea slave!"  Hands fisted at my hips, I gave him my most scary glare.

                   "Yes, right away, my wonderful mighty Mistress." He replied cheekily.  "GO!" I said.   He bowed and pivoted on his heels.  That boy!  He's a handful alright, but life is never dull.

                    During dinner we talked about his studies, his progress, and discussed his notes with other fun topics and jokes thrown in of course.  "Looks like I'll have to help you study tonight."  I said.  "Oh?" A raised eyebrow and suspicion on his face.  I laughed, "We need to work on your trust issues."

                    I went into the bedroom and came back with nylon ropes.  Then I went to the kitchen to get some gummy bears and jellybeans.  Who said studying had to be boring?  "Hand me your notes with the questions and answers.  Strip NOW!  I see that you're shaven smooth again, nice."

                    He kneeled down after stripping, heads bowed and waited for further instructions.  I'd trained him to be like that and to have patience.  He's young and he needs direction and guidance and a Mistress's firm loving hand whether for petting or discipline. 

                    "Get on the couch, lie down, and spread your legs."  He did it without comment.  I sat between his legs and tied the nylon rope around his cock and balls somewhat tightly.  I have a dick collar with a thin chain leash but I like something a little tighter for tonight.  I took out my penis flogger, which is just a smaller black leather flogger.  It's soft leather but still stings as I tested it on his leg. 

                   Here are the rules, I'll ask you the test prep questions and the questions from all your notes and if you give the right anwers you'll get a nice reward.  If you answer wrong, I'll flog your dick as I tug on the rope.  Hopefully you don't get too many wrong otherwise your poor dick might be a bit sore.  Ready?  Any questions or comments?  None? Good!

                    Everytime he answered incorrectly, I'd yank on his balls and flick that penis flogger at his dick 2-3 times depending on my mood.

                    And when he answered correctly...well, that was the fun part.  I'd get to tease him by positioning the gummy bears or jelly beans on different parts of my body and giving him a treat.  He had a great time prying that jelly bean from between my toes and then licking and sucking on said nearby toes.  "Hey, that's enough of that. Next question."  And when he answered correctly again, I'd positioned the gummy bear on my belly button.  So I ended the evening with wet spots all over my body, I might as well get a full tongue bath.  Now that's a thought!   And he ended the evening with a slightly sore dick.  But not bad, if he remembers tonight as well as I think he will, he'd Ace the tests tomorrow.

                   "I think you're ready for tomorrow." I finally said. 

                   "I think I'm ready too.  Thanks to you!  I told you we'd be perfect together."  He hugged me tight, chin on my head, then leaned down to kiss me.  I yanked on his leash after awhile, "Go brush your teeth."  I said with a slap to his ass when he turned around.

                   When we were getting ready for bed I said, "You know what, let's give you more incentive to Ace this thing tomorrow.  I'm going to put you in chastity and we'll see how well you do tomorrow and the next few days with the finals.  If you do splendidly which I think you will, I'll take you away for the weekend to some nice B&B by the lake and give you wonderful rewards that'll blow your mind."

                    He groaned.  "That's horrible!  You have me all hot and bothered and you're just going to put me in chastity?"

                    "Yes, but think how good it'd be when the finals are done and you can totally relax and hang out at the lake and indulge.  When we can indulge in all those wicked fantasies and get rid of all your pent up tensions and frustrations.   It'll be worth it and a hundred times better."

                   He sighed.  "I guess you're the Domme.  I don't have a choice right?"

                   I patted him sweetly on the cheek, "That's right!  I'm the Domme and you'll go get the chastity device now."  He reluctantly got off the bed and went to get it and returned and handed me the key.  "Good boy!  You know I love you."

                   "You better!  I don't suffer for just anybody."  He grumbled lightly.  I ruffled his brown hair and laughed, "And that's a good thing too."

                   "Cuz I want you to be all mine.  And I don't share, especially since I love you.  You better get some sleep."

                   "I'm all yours Kat! Sweet dreams baby!" 



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