Come In Stranger

By Katherine and Michael


                 The radio had just announced that a blizzard was headed this way; it was going to be dark soon and for some reason my dog won't stop barking at the back door.  I went to the back window and peeked out.  There was a figure of a man in a large coat sitting on my back porch, shivering and hugging his knees.  I stood there for a moment debating on what I should do...

                *RACK RACK RACK*  I knock on the door again.  "Hello?"  I speak promptly and quickly.  I am wearing a pair of hiking boots, worn blue jeans, a flannel shirt, and a heavy jacket.  I have a wool cap on my head.  "Is there anyone home!?"  I take a seat down on the steps and bring my knees to my chest, avoiding the wind as best as possible.

                I knew it was a risk to let a stranger into the house, but with my dog Striker and my self defense skills I decided to take a chance.  Plus, I wouldn't want him to freeze to death out there.  "Who are you?  Why are you out there in this weather?"  I looked out into a pair of gorgeous brown eyes.  He’s very tall and well built.  I inched the door open slowly and he stuck out his hand and grinned at me, showing off his dimples.

               "I'm Michael!"  I speak, eagerly and rapidly.  I'm shivering from the cold.   "Ma'am."  Speaking with a strong southern drawl, "I've been walking for hours, and then this storm came out of nowhere.  I've been looking for a place to stay for the last few hours.  The only hotel in this small town is closed down.  Do you know of anywhere that I could get a room tonight?"  I ask, still shivering.  My handshake is firm and crisp.

              "I think most places are closed with the blizzard approaching.  Why don't you come in and wait out the storm here?"  I could see that he was a very handsome young man and I have no problems with having some company for a bit. I'd been standing there for a few seconds gawking and picturing him in much less clothes but I tried to keep my wicked thoughts from showing on my face.  I looked away and offered to take his coat when he caught me staring.  "Come on in, the living room is this way."

             "Thanks a lot Ma'am."  I am very respectful.  I give up my coat without hesitation.  When you take my coat, it is obvious that there is a heavy object in the coat.  "Ma'am, my pistol is in that coat, please don't be alarmed.  I'm just another law abiding citizen.  Because of the cold, I am not terribly sweaty, and even for a lost man on foot, I don't smell.  "Ma'am, my car broke down some 15 miles or so ago.  I've been walking for several hours.  I really appreciate you letting me come into your home."  My hands shake because I am still very cold.  I smile when I catch you looking at me, but out of respect I don't return the stares.  I try to be as polite and respectful as possible.  "Do you live alone?"  I ask.

            "Yes, just me and my dog."  I say, without thinking.  Perhaps I shouldn't have said that, but for some reason he seems like a decent person.  "Stand by the fireplace over there; you'll get warmed up soon." I usher him to the fireplace and offer him a chair. "There's some hot tea or cocoa in the kitchen if you want some."  I sit back down and wonder how long he'd be stuck here and I caught him looking around the room.  I was working on framing some of the black and white pictures of erotic male bondage prints I'd received before he arrived.  I eyed those on the table and wondered if I should go put them away.

            Thanks a lot!"  I help myself to the hot tea in the kitchen.  While looking for a glass I notice some of the pictures strewn out on the table.  I chuckle to myself and bite my lower lip.  I return the living room and sit down on the floor, next to the fire.  I look to you.  "You never told me your name Ma'am?"  "Interesting pictures you have in there.  Did you take those?"

            I laughed, "Ah, those pictures.  Actually I did.  I have a studio down that hall. I love erotic prints if they're done tastefully." I scratch my dog's head and said, "Oh I'm sorry, my name is Katherine.  It's nice to meet you and I'm glad to have some company."  Then after a few moments in thought, "Well hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here and in exchange for a night's stay or two maybe you can model for me if you'd like.  You have the built and the looks for it."

            Thinking to myself, she's cute, and she wants me to model for her.  Score!  I turn my attention to your dog, who instantly walks away from you and over to me.  I pet him and turn my eyes back to you.   "Model for you eh?  I think we could work something out.  And thank you for the compliment, I'm flattered.  You are a beautiful woman yourself."  When I speak to you, my gaze slowly lowers from your eyes down to your breasts, and eventually down to your feet.

            I am laughing inwardly because I saw him looking at me speculatively; probably thinking I'd offer him sex.  Boy is he in for a surprise!  If he only knew about my sadistic side, he might not be so quick to volunteer.  "Thank you!" I beamed at him, crossing my legs and drinking my cocoa.  "Are you warm enough?  Have you eaten yet?  I would want you to be well fed and rested if you're going to be my model."

           I continue to stare at your feet briefly.  "Oh, sorry," I apologize.  "Yes, I'm warming up.  I had a sandwich before I started walking a few hours ago."  "So about this modeling thing...You really think I'd do well at that?  I've never really done anything like that.  I would be a little nervous."  I catch myself staring at your feet again.  "I think that I would be willing to take some pictures for you since you are letting me stay here, and taking such good care of me."

             He's staring at my feet again, I wonder if he has a foot fetish or maybe he's a submissive who hasn't discovered bdsm yet.  I'd love to be the one to introduce him to it if that's the case.  "Well Michael, these are not ordinary pictures.  You'd be naked and in very provocative poses, not to mention tied up.  Are you ok with that?"  I wondered if he could handle it or blush like a southern boy and turn it down.  He does seem young, in his early twenties.

             In truth, I am EXTREMELY submissive.  But I would never let anyone know this.  Looking at those pictures and being invited to be a model is like a dream come true to me.  However, I will continue to play hard to get.  "And how do you keep my identity safe if I pose for you?  Can you do poses which don't show my face?"  I ask eagerly, still staring at your feet.  I keep my hands in my lap, attempting to hide my noticeable erection.

             "You can do poses that don't show your face, or we can it so that your face is mostly hidden or in shadows.  A little mystery is good; my clients seem to love those prints."  I smile brightly, "But first, take off your shirt and jeans.  You can follow me and I'll show you my studio."  There was a little bit of hesitation, so I added, "Come on, and don’t be shy.  You look great."

             "Who are your clients?"  I ask, removing my shirt and sliding off my jeans.  I am left only in a pair of boxers.  I walk quickly behind you into your studio.  "What do you want me to do next, Katherine?"  I ask while looking at the various bondage equipment you have in here.  It almost looked like a torture cell.  "You're bad...."  I slyly comment.

               I covered my mouth, and laughed.  "Am I?"  I glance back at you, and hook my arm into yours and pulled you into my studio.  "My clients are bondage fanatics from all around the world.  I sell my prints online."  I point to the various equipment and where you'd be posing, and explain a bit about what I do.  "So...  I hope you like bondage, because regardless, you have just volunteered yourself to be tied up.  And I'm going to have a whole lot of fun with it."

               "Volunteered myself eh?"  I find myself become more and more comfortable with you.  Almost as if I'd had a few drinks.  I don't resist at all as I am pushed onto my back onto a large table.  The table is cloth lined and resembles a large massage table.  "Do your worst."  I joke, finding it hard to look at you in the dark room.  My cock grows harder and is clearly visible through my boxers, albeit a bit small for a man who typically looks like me.

                I pushed him onto the table and pulled down his boxers, telling him to "Lift your legs so I can pull them off."  He quickly complied.  The table comes with leather straps and I secured his wrists and legs after I spread his legs apart.  I forget about the lights or my camera equipment because he looks so delicious spread out like a buffet that I want to play with him.  I pulled out a cart with an assortment of medical and torture devices.  When he saw them, his quick intake of breath spoke of his nervousness.  I try to smile reassuringly.

               Once naked I find myself shivering again.  It’s quite chilly inside your studio.  I find myself again staring at your feet, and at the multitudes of high heeled shoes lining the walls of the room.  I see tons of sex toys hanging from the far wall, everything from floggers, to dildos, chastity belts, and anything in between.  "I take it you stay pretty busy here don't you!  Why don't you kiss me...go down on me!"   I probe your inhibitions, testing to see how far you'll go with me.  "What are those devices?"  I ask...somewhat curious, albeit a bit nervous.  My hard on subsides slightly after taking in the entire room’s content.

                "No way, I would never go down on you!"  I wrinkle my nose in disgust, and smack your face loudly.  "You're a slave until you leave this house." I trailed a finger down your thigh, caressed your balls softly before giving them a hard squeeze while watching your face.  I attach alligator clips onto your nipples.

                 My head cocks sideways from the slap.  "Oww!  You like it rough don't you!"  I laugh.  Still not aware of how serious you actually were until you squeezed my balls.  What was an erection suddenly turned into loud wince and a quick jerk away from you, only causing intense pain.  "Ow fuck!"  That hurts.  I move to double over, but have no relief due to the restraints.  "Jesus that hurt!"  I don't register the pain in my nipples because of your grip on my balls.

                Ah, good.  Maybe he's starting to realize I'm serious about this.  I finger my toys in front of him, the violet wand, the triple pleasure pinwheel, steel cock rings and cages, butt plugs, my whips...  So many choices and options, I sure hope the storm lasts for days. 

               "You didn't have to hit me so hard!"  I reply somewhat upset, and still in pain.  Your squeeze was legitimately crippling.  I turn my attention away from shoes on the wall to look at the assortment of butt plugs and chastity cages on the table.  "You use all of these?"  I ask, my cock beginning to swell again.

               I remove the alligator nipple clips, setting them down on the table.  I hold up fire cups that people use in acupressure and light the inside for a little bit before putting one on each nipple.  I didn't think you'd like that, and I was right...

               "Jesus Christ!"  *The pain really surges when you remove the alligator clips.  I thrash about, making it difficult to put the fire cups on.  I quickly wear myself out fighting leather and steel restraints.  "That hurts!  Stop it!"  I squeal, attempting to roll over.  The whole ordeal is extremely hot for me, and I have a raging hard on, despite having a small penis, but the pain was also very intense.  I am mentally overwhelmed.

               "Shut the fuck up!" I said.  Finally annoyed with your mouth, I decided that a ball gag was in order.  "Maybe now you'll be quiet." I stuff the ball gag into your mouth and secure the strap around your head.  Hmmm, maybe you'd look good with a steel cock ring ball stretcher and I can attach weights to the side.  I want to stretch your balls and have them hang lower.  As for your cock, I say, "Don't fucking move an inch."  I run the pinwheel lightly on the top of your cock.  I love the excitement and the power of having you in my hands.

               "Mmmphhh"  I groan as you gag me.  Saliva slowly leaks from the side of the gag, as it is difficult to swallow.  My eyes are wide with fear as I see the spiky pin wheel.  I trash about and struggle, yelling from behind the gag.  I try to pull my thighs upwards to cover my cock, albeit unsuccessfully.  You can make out the multitudes of obscenities that I scream from behind the gag as you prick my cock with the pin wheel.  What was left of my erection is not totally gone.  My small flaccid penis is almost afraid to get hard.  The very tight ball stretcher turns my balls purple after a few minutes.  It causes nagging discomfort, but it isn't extreme pain.

               "I see you're enjoying yourself."  I smile wickedly.  I ruffle your hair, "Good!"  Seeing that your erection has gone down, I slip a steel cock chastity cage on and lock it.  "I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight. But before I let you go to sleep, there are just a few more things I want to do to you."  I tie your ankles with rope, then pull it through to the hook hanging above the table and secure the rope to the wall.  Your legs are now straight up, pointing towards the ceiling, exposing your delicious backside to me.  I put on latex gloves and squeeze lube onto my hands and fingers, before rubbing it on your ass.  After lubing you up, I quickly shoved a butt plug up your ass.  Then I taped your ass shut with duct tape.

               I lower your legs back down.  Then I put a pillow under your head and removed your gag. "I hope you have a good night's rest in here tonight.  Did you want some water before I go?"  I pinch your thighs, leaving a few half moon fingernail marks on there.  "Answer me boy!"

               At first the chastity belt wasn't so bad.  For one, when flaccid, I didn't really even fill the cage up.  So, as long as I remained flaccid, there was only mild discomfort.  The ball stretcher was quite uncomfortable.  I watch you raise my ankles high, to the point where I can't see you approach me with the butt plug.  "MMMPHHH!!!"  I squeal as I feel the gold KY on your fingers as you lube me up.  I let out an even more intense yelp when you roughly and abruptly slide the rather large plug inside of me.  "Sweet Jesus!" It’s the first words out of my mouth when you remove the gag.  

              "Holy Hell that thing is big!"  It is obvious that I am somewhat submissive because I am not complaining about 'what' you are doing, only the intensity of the feelings.  A normal man would have freaked after being penetrated, but I am still calm, just uncomfortable.  The act doesn’t gross me out, only the size of the plug.  

             “Why did you do this?  All night?  You aren't going to stay with me down here?  And yes I'm very thirsty!"

             "Oh poor thing!  You want me to stay with you?  Are you afraid of the dark?"  I mocked.  "Actually I was going to let you sleep here tonight.  Here, drink, I tilt your head and hold the glass of water to your lips."  I pet your hair and caress your face for a few minutes to comfort you.

             "I thought you wanted me to be some sort of fetish model?"  I ask before taking a sip of water.  Why do I need to stay like this, locked up in a chastity belt with a dick in my ass?"  I ask, obviously in discomfort, even the slightest movements causing me to hiss, in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

              "Oh, the modeling thing.  Well, we can do that tomorrow, it's getting late.  You might be here for a few days with the storm raging outside; I just thought that we might as well enjoy ourselves.  I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying myself and I plan to see you bright and early tomorrow."  I pull off the fire cups on your nipples and see two red circle marks on your chest.  I touch it softly. 

              "Fuck!" I squeal as you pop off the fire cups.  "What the hell are those?"  My struggling hurts because of the large butt plug.  I hiss in discomfort whenever I start to thrash from your touch.  "You can’t leave me like this, along...all night, tied up like this.  It's not even safe!" 

               I walk away and turn off the lights, ignoring his yells at me to come back. 

               I'll be back to check on him later, when I feel like it and not before then.  I think to myself that the next few days will surely be magicificent and being snowed in couldn't be more fun. 



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