Collared and Leashed

Disclaimer:  This is just a story.  It's not real.  And no, I don't like Dom guys.  If at anytime you think I appear less than Domme in the story, then it's probably just the story or your imagination.

               "Richard's brief me completely on how I should act in your presence," Jay smiled demurely at me and bats his eyelashes.  He leans against the counter and rubs his nipples with his fingers, smiling more suggestively.

               "Has he?  That's nice of him, I'll be sure to thank him thoroughly, " I laughed happily at his attempt to appear meeker than usual but still a huge flirt.  Richard stepped out of the shower wrapped in a towel. 

              "You'll be thanking me soon enough," Richard says.  "I'm giving you a gift tonight."  He walks over to me and smiles smugly.

              "What is it?" I asked curious and excited at the prospect of a present.  I look over at Jay's blank wide-eyed expression.

              "I've decided that you should collar and leash Jay," Richard answers.  I stared openmouthed for a second, looking over at Jay's clueless expression giving way to surprise and shock.  Jay drops to his knees and stammers weakly, "Miss....Mistress..."

              "You're giving him to me?" I asked in disbelief.  "No," Richard says.  "I'm merely giving you more authority over him, I want him to be as much as yours as he is mine."  Richard hands me the black leather collared I'd picked out for Jay thinking it was for Richard's use, and the cock leash.  I snap the leather collar around Jay's neck and close the strap as Jay whispers softly, "Thank you Mistress, I'll be a good pet."  I look down at Jay as he hangs his head and stares at my feet, "Of course, you will be." I said. "Or you'll be when we're done with you."

             I buckle the leather straps around his cock and balls and attach the leash to the steel ring on his neck collar, I pull gently on the leash as Jay follows behind me crawling on his knees to the bedroom.  Richard walks in behind us.  "Get on the bed, lie flat on your back and give me your hands," I say to Jay.  Above the king bed headboard there were railings that I could attach the handcuffs to before closing it around Jay's wrists. "Yes Miss..."

             "Nice!  Spread out like an offering." I smile at Jay as Richard comes up from behind and wraps his arms around me, kissing my neck and ear.  He caresses me as I survey Jay.  I remove the leash from the steel ring on his neck.  There below his cock hangs a steel ring attached to the studded leather cock collar, the leather straps bound his cock and balls together rather nicely.  I attach the leash to the ring at the base of his cock, as I gently rub and squeeze the head of his dick.  Jay moans gently...

             "Good job," Richard says eyeing Jay spread out like a feast.  Richard unbuttons my blouse, and unhooks the front of my bra before cupping my breasts from behind with his large hands.  He twists the nipples slowly between his indent finger and thumb applying increasing pressure.  "Oh God...yes..." I murmured.  I start pulling on the cock leash as the pressure on my nipples burns.  I watch Jay's hard cock bobbing up and down with my thugs on the leash as it turns pink and light purple.  The tip of his cock gathers a bead of moisture, as Jay writhes on the sheets.

             "Baby, lean forward on the bed, " Richard whispers in my ear.  His fingers rubbing the silky thong against my clit, and tracing a line from my pussy to my clit and back down again, up and down until the material of the thong becomes all wet.  "Spread your legs, baby," He says, "Let me take care of you."  He pulls my thong to the side and guides the tip of his huge cock to my wet entrance.  He pushes in an inch or two and stops.  He brunches up my skirt and tucks it in at my waist, putting his hands on my hips he leans against my back to whisper in my ear.

             His whispers are so soft that I doubt Jay could hear.  He says that I'm so beautiful and that having both of us here is making him so hot and turned on.  He says that Jay's the pet but I'm the honey jam and the glue that keeps the relationship together.  He says all that as he pushes inch by hard inch inside me, licking at my earlobe and nibbling on my ear. The drops of water on Richard's chest from his shower earlier was getting the back of my blouse wet.  But I didn't care, I just wanted more of him.

            I kept pulling on Jay's cock leash, watching the head drip precum. 

            I reached one hand down to rub my clit before bringing my fingers up to Jay's mouth.  "Open wide and taste," I say to him.  "Thanks Miss," Jay says as he opens his mouth to suck on my fingers. Jay lets out a muffled moan as my fingers slide into his mouth, his legs rubbing together in pleasure as his cock swells in between them.

           After a minute or two of that, I pull my fingers out and start twisting one of Jay's nipples, roughly and with several times as much forces as Richard had done to me earlier.  Jay begs, "Please M-Miss...."

           "Please what?" I asked, continuing to twist.  "Please stop, please Mistress." He begs.  I stop and look at Jay's right nipple, all swollen and puffy.  "Want me to do the other one?" I asked sweetly.  "No Miss..." He says.  I laughed.  I think I will.

            Richard brings his hands up to my shoulders, holding me at the base of my neck as he looks down and watches his massive dick sliding in and out of me slowly.

            "Mmmm....delicious, a cock in my pussy and another in my hands," I said as I squeeze Jay's cock.  I urge Richard on and thrust back saying, "More...Give me more baby."  Jay looks down at me, eyes wide as his cock throbs helplessly in my hands. 

            Richard kisses the back of my neck.  "Baby, you look so good playing with your pet," he says, sliding his thick, hard dick further up into me as his breath comes out hot against my neck.

            I smile as I grab the dildo lying on the side of the bed beside Jay, eyeing the different size dildos on the bed.  "Hmmmm...Richard, should I go easy on him or should I stuff him with the biggest one?" 

            Jay's eyes widen as he looks at the massive black cocks in my hands, trying to hold his body still as I continue pulling on his cock leash at the same time.  "Did you loosen him up earlier today?  Is his ass gaping like a whore?" I asked.

            "Well, baby," Richard says, his cock still sliding in and out, "Bear in mind that you have two holes to play with...why not play with both?" He says, taking the black dildo from my hands.  "Honey, this loose hole slut will let a canon into his ass now that I've opened him up," Richard says, smiling as he rubs the tip of the dildo along my lips.

            Jay blushes and closed his eyes, trying to turn away slightly.

            I laughed, "Brilliant!  You have such good ideas.  Jay should suck on that dildo and make it all nice and wet...."  I said, turning to look at Jay. "Hey slut, start licking and sucking on it, I'm not going to use any lube on you tonight."

           "Miss Katherine, please don't let it dry, it's too big, I-I...," Jay's protests ends as Richard leans past me, pushing the black dildo into Jay's mouth roughly. 

           I grinned.  "There!  That should quiet him up.  The slut talks too much."

           Jay moans helplessly, trying to swallow his own saliva as Richard laughs and nods, his chin resting on my shoulder as his dick throbs up and down inside me.

           I wiggle on Richard's cock trying to get him to fuck me deeper, forgetting about Jay for a minute.

           "Mmmm...need to get something out of your system, baby?" Richard asks, grinning as he holds your hips a little more firmly and drives his dick harder into you from behind.

           I curl the leash around my hand, absentmindedly pulling on it as Richard obligues and fucks me harder as he looks down at me...

          The sound of Richard's cock sliding in and out of me gets louder as my juices start to flow.  Jay lets out a muffled moan, lying on his back with his arms stretched over his head, the tip of his cock slightly purple as the leash pulls it down closer to me.

          "Oh yes!! That's it!!! Like that!" I yelled...  I thrashed around and bucked back into him as he pounds into me...

          "Oooohh......mmmm, baby you really need this, don't you," Richard murmurs, looking down and watching as he moves his hips back and forth, and pushes his massive dick roughly up into me, again and again.

          My fingernails dig into Jay's leg as he tries to move his leg away from me.  Jay recoils fearfully.  "Yes, baby, I didn't see you all day unlike that slut over there.  I've been thinking about that big cock of yours all day and rushing to get home."

          Jay pulls his legs away, curling them together as the thick dildo slips out of his mouth and rolls down onto his neck.  Seeing the dildo fall out I grab it in my hand.

         "Mmmm...well I was thinking of your tight, warm pussy as I fucked that little whore earlier today," Richard says, his words coming out slightly breathless as his rhythm increases behind me.

"Ah slut, thanks for reminding me..." I grin evilly, waving the dildo at Jay.  My legs start twitching and I shiver in delight at Richard's thrusts.

"No no Miss Katherine, please don't...don't humiliate me more," Jay says, blushing as his cock still throbs hard.

I push at Jay's legs, telling him "Lift your legs up....NOW!"  "Do it slut!"

"Ooohhhh....ohhhh....mmmm...." Richard's hips slap against mine again and again as I bark orders at Jay..."Yes, good girl, use that little cumslut," he whispers as he fucks me faster. 

Jay lifts his trembling legs up as he looks down at me, the leather chord now trailing in between his open legs.

I shove that dildo in Jay's ass, feeling at bit of resistence at first then it gives way.  And I push harder, watching Jay twist and squeal and beg...

" Miss Katherine.....Miss Kat - mmm....mmm..." Jay's protests turn to dirty moans as he feels the thick, wet dick open him up, his legs up in the air and wide apart.

"Oh yeah, that's it!" I moan as I shoved the dildo up Jay's ass in time with Richard's thrusts.

Jay's precum starts to drip over his dick collar as he rubs his ankles together, holding them up in the air and closing his eyes.

I twist the dildo around, watching Jay squirm around on the sheets.

"Oooohhh..." Richard watches as I play with Jay as his whole 9 1/2" dick is inside me to the hilt.

"You look so beautiful and slutty," I say.  "Doesn't he?"

"Like the perfect pet," Richard says, looking down at Jay as he kisses me behind my ear.

I want to watch Jay shoot all over his stomach as I fuck that dildo in and out of him, proving that any big thing in his ass will do... Such a slut that he is...

"Miss Katherine do I honestly look beautiful?" Jay asks, breathless as he tries to negotiate with the feeling of the thick dildo inside him. 

" do, my little pet," I say, and I'm going to let you cum tonight, the dinner you cooked tonight was wonderful. I smiled down at him.

"Miss Katherine, thank you so much...thank you - for - for giving me the pounding I need,"  Jay says, looking down as the dildo slides out slightly and back in again. 

"Baby watch him cum like a little fucking jizz machine," Richard says, smiling as he kisses my shoulder and bends me slightly forward over the bed.

My legs start shaking as I lean against the bed more, Richard fucks me harder...  "Baby just take it....I'm so proud of you baby," Richard whispers, his hands on my back as his huge dick slides in and out, harder.  "I'm so close baby...." I whispered, feeling burst after burst of pleasure hitting my system...

"Miss - Miss mistress...ohhh, fuck," Jay whisper, arcing his back as the fat dildo enters him deeper.  I shove the dildo in all the way to the hilt...."Cum Jay, NOW!" I screamed at him...

"Mm - Miss - mmm - " Jay swallows his own saliva, pulling desperately against the handcuffs. "I....please.....please...."

 "Katherine....yes....yes...mmmm, baby, you are so good," Richard whispers, squeezing my breasts together as his massive balls swing back and forth between his legs.

I feel lightheaded as wave after wave of pleasure crash into me...I lean over, slump over on the bed as Richard continues fucking me but slower now....

" Miss...I need to - need to- " Jay turns his head and closes his eyes as the first spurt of milky cum shoots out of his cock, dripping down over his shaft.

I watch as the cum oozes out of Jay, dripping onto his stomach... 

"Ooohhh...." Richard places his left hand on my back, holding me down as he looks down and watches his long, hard dick entering me, the thick veins sliding in and out...he rests his right hand on his hip as he fucks me slower but still hard and deep.

Jay arches his back as the second, third, fourth spurts of cum shoot up onto his abdomen. The thick white spunk drips off the tip of his cock as he gasp for air, lowering his legs and looking down at me.  "Ah perfect," I say. 

"So beautiful..." I whispered, as I put my hand on Jay's leg, gentle now.  I caress his leg gently, watching him lie back in contentment.

"Katherine...mmm baby, I have to cum," Richard says softly, a split second before a strong jet of spunk shoots into me from behind.  "Yes, baby do it." I replied.  His big hands come back to my hips as he looks up at the back of my head....his balls move up and down as they pump load after load of warm cream into me from behind, the spurts coming hard and fast as his dick throbs inside me.

Jay stares at us with a lazy smile on his face.

Richard pulls his cock out slightly, looking down at the thin layer of white film on his shaft as it throbs again and again, each throb spurting more cum into me.  I feel some of it dripping down my thighs.

Jay smile and watches both of us, the dildo still lodged inside him as his cum drips dow along his waist and onto the bed.  As Richard finally starts to slow down, his thick, milky spunk starts to ooze out of me, some of it dripping directly onto the floor between my ankles.

"Thanks Richard, just what I needed after a long day." I smile happily at both of them.

"And to think the evening's just begun," he whispers, leaning forward and kissing my back.







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