Another Day in My Life


                 I wanted to raise my hands up and give a loud “roar.”  I was back in the jungle again, my beloved jungle of Ohia and banana trees and wild orchids.  The salty ocean breeze welcomes me back with its morning mist and the hibiscus bloom abundantly.  Sitting on the porch barefoot, with a blanket wrapped around me, and a warm cup of coffee in my hands, I am happy. 

                A warm wet nose nudges my leg, and I look down and pat Dreamer’s head, my Siberian husky.  As I scratch him behind the ears I ponder how lucky and blessed I am.  I’m living in paradise in my own cottage on my own piece of land, surrounded by beauty everywhere.   I work from home writing advertising and I love it. 

                As I glance over the veggie garden on the side of the house I am amazed at how big the tomatoes and squashes are.  My cherry tree is getting big too.  I thought I heard paddling feet on the bamboo floor, but he might still be asleep.  Finishing my cup of coffee, I gave a whisper of “thanks” to the Universe for my blessings, and get up to find him still lying in bed. 

                Sprawled across the bed, with an arm dangling off the side and wicked tousled hair was the love of my life.  I leaned down to kiss his forehead and find an arm snaking around my waist pulling me down for a kiss.  “Hey, hey, hey…  You’ve got morning breath.”  I said and tried to pull away.  “So?” He asked peeking at me with eyes half closed.  “You still love me.”

                I laughed and admitted happily, “Yes, I still love you, you big goofball, even with morning breath and…and…”  He starts tickling me, “And what?”   I smack at him with the pillow, “Stop it.  I hate being tickled.  And I can’t think when you do that.” 

                "I'm sorry Mistress...  I love it when you're being playful.  I can't help myself...well, if you get mad at me, you can beat me later."

               That was referring to him licking circles on my belly.  He pulls me down to lay on top of him.  I raised my head up to look down at him and asked, “Are you happy here?  I'm glad that your company is running smoothly and we get to spend more time together.  I've really been missing you when you were putting in those long hours."

                He thought for a moment, “Yes I am, and I've missed you too Mistress.  I've really been trying to get that going and on auto-pilot so that we can spend time together and do more of the things we like.  It's alot better that we're both not flying back and forth to see each other.  Plus, I really like the house we're building together.  I'm glad you let me have the ATV trail in the back and the kitchen the way I wanted."

                “The construction is going beautifully.  You really do read my mind sometimes.  The home office, pool, and garden is perfect.  I like how the house is self sustainable, and it's a couple acres so there's alot of privacy."

                “I do miss my Mom and my relatives though."  He said as his hands caressed my back.  "We could go visit my family.  It's been a long time. Do you want to come on this trip with me?"

                "Sure, I'll go with you." I said. 

                "Yesterday I planted a lycee, longhi, durian, and a jackfruit tree for you.  In a few years, we'll see them fruit."  He said, kissing the tip of my nose.  Plus, I cut a bunch of tulips for  you...I guess you'll have to go find where I put them in the house."

                “You’re amazing.  You’re awesome.  And I love love love you!”  I grinned down at him.  “And I won’t say it anymore today.”

                “I’m glad my wife thinks so.”  He grinned like a boy who won a big prize at the carnival.

                "By the way Mistress, can I get permission to touch you."  He asked, staring up at me. 

                "Yes, sure."  How can I say no when he looks at me like that.

               He cupped my breasts and leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth.  I gasped and looked at him in surprise.

                “Wife?  Huh?”  I was utterly confused now.  “Says who?  I don’t see a ring.”

                “It's over there, go look.”  He said, with a slight tilt of the chin.  “The ring I hid inside your pillow, I’m surprised you didn’t feel it.  It must’ve slipped to the side or back.  Here, let me look.”

                “Oh there it is.”  He handed it to me and my eyes widened.  It was brilliant and just perfect.  It's a huge red ruby, because it's unusual and he hates blood diamonds and the diamond cartel. “Say something.”  He said, worried now.  He still held me close to him.

                “Like what?”  I turned it around in the palm of my hands.  Pretending dumb, and making him sweat.  Haha.  I know I should stop my evil and wicked ways.  Marriage is a big thing and I wanted to make sure it’s something I want to go through.  My parents are still happily married and it’s the first marriage for both.   Lifetime commitment kind of scares me but I know that I'd do it if it felt right.

                “Say yes.”  He said.  “Come on, you know you want to marry me.”  I laughed.  “Oh, I don’t know.  You didn't bring me breakfast in bed.  No blueberry pancakes or waffles, or fruit salads in bed.  I might have to hold out for that.  Or for someone who gives me a good tumbling in the morning and hot shower sex.”

                “Why you....Ummm, I mean Mistress.  I’ll show you a good tumbling.”  He said as he pulled off my tank top and tugged off my drawstring pants.  “And your fruit salad is in the Frig, but I doubt you'd want to eat it at this exact moment.  I'd be happy to get it for you later.”

                “Wait.  Wait. Wait.  So, if I say yes, I’ll get wonderful amazing sex at least 2 times a day?” I asked.  “I’m going to hold you to it, you know.”

                “You think about sex way too much, and when have I not satisfied or pleasured you completely or thoroughly, my Highness?”  He demanded, with a loud slurp and a lick of my most sensitive spot. 

                “Ok.  Ok.  Yes then.  Yes.  I’m getting a good deal here.”  I smiled, life was sweet. 

                “Yes you are.  I did tell you that I was going to do whatever it takes to please and satisfy you.  I always do my best for you and want you to be happy.  Besides, if I don't please'd just spank me later.”

                “Oh God.  Thank God…”  I could only moan and pant and speak incoherently for the next hour or so as he worked his wicked magic on me.  And no, it isn't the sex that's made me keep or love him.  I like to talk to him, and he understands me.  And more than that, somehow, he's wormed his way into my heart whether logically or illogically, and I don't care how he did it as long as he stays.


The beautiful tropical flowers of the Hawaiian islands.  I took a couple pictures for you.







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