A Sad Story

A sad love poem entitled "A sad story" about a boy and a girl with no future together.  I guess sometimes what we want and what "reality" is, are totally different matters.  And when one side wants to try but the other person doesn't then it won't work.  I hope and pray that whoever you love, loves you just as much.  Because I'm a hopeless romantic and I believe everyone deserves this.


A Sad Story



The minutes with you fades away

Faster than I can grab your hand

And beg you to please stay

You are quick sand, slipping through my fingers

Leave but don’t say goodbye


Empty promises we’ve said

There is no forever, and you are not mine

Dreams are nothing but dreams

Our story has no ending, you’ve told it

You don’t cry so let me do it for us both


An ocean separates us, but that is easy

It is the invisible walls you’ve built

That I can’t cross which keeps us apart

They are for my protection you said

But I think you lie, they are for yours


The sacrifices are too great

So you don’t want to love me

It is too late, because my heart is yours

If you are scared, take my strength

Take comfort from me, I want to be yours


Throw a little hope this way

That I may see your face and kiss your lips

If you must break my heart either way,

Then let us at least try for a chance at this future

Maybe God will pity us, and let us be





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