A Good Memory of Submissive Ass


                     It's probably strange to some people that when I get upset or bummed out, I think about ass --or more precisely, submissive ass.  Today when I was taking a shower, my thoughts went back to 2-3 years ago to a male submissive that I met at Starbucks in Ala Moana.  It was late in the evenning and on a weekday so it wasn't crowded.  It was our first meeting and I was happy to meet him.  I remember that he's European and he had the most beautiful blue eyes.

                     The funny thing is that he knew my weakness and he tried to get me to take him on as a submissive by exploiting that weakness.  He knew how much I admire and appreciate the beauty of a nice submissive butt...one that I can caress, grope, fondle, pinch, slap, and flog to my heart's content.  He told me how cherry his ass was and that it was all for me, if I'd take him as my sub. 

                     Here's the thing that made me laugh.  He got up from his seat across from me, we were seated outside Starbucks on those little tables near the walkway.  He looked around to make sure no one was watching, turned around and dropped his napkin purposely.  Then with an "Ooops" he bent over for a full minute as he fished around for his napkin.  His jeans stretched out and hugged that thick bubbly ass tight right in front of me inches away and I couldn't help but laugh.  What a preview!!!  I wonder if the Starbucks employees that were stacking the chairs inside the store noticed.

                     I can't forget the expression on his face, it was comical.  The Oops and looking around was hilarious. 

                     He is looking for a Mistress for a relationship.  And yes, I know I ditched him for a weekend with a submissive from another island that was a one time thing.  And no, I don't regret it because although the meeting was memorable he did two things wrong.  First, he keeps talking about what he wants and expects his Mistress to wear (heels, boots, fetish outfits, etc.) and secondly, goes on and on about his fantasies.

                    Thinking about all those wonderful nice virgin asses that have escaped me, I smile.  Hey, I'm not that selfish, I'm sure other Mistresses appreciate a fine ass too and I left some for them.  It's so easy to make me happy...just bend over buddy.  Yes, just like that.  And spread those legs a little more...mmmmm, yummy.  And if it jiggles and is bubbly, oh my gosh, that is grade A butt.  I take pleasure in simple things.




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