A Day In My Life


              I can’t imagine that I’d be happier than I am now, but it's possible, anything is possible with you beside me.   I wanted to scream out my joy and happiness but I didn’t want to wake you so I slipped out early in the morning for a stroll.   I kissed your forehead and grabbed my coat, jumping down the stairs two at a time.   It’s not like you’re going anywhere soon, with you shackled to the bed.  I’m letting you sleep in late today, because I’d been such a tease and kept you up half the night.  Your whimpers are so delicious!  I love having you chained or leashed near me.   It’s been a few years and I’m still not tired or bored of all the attention you lavish on me.  I’ve imagined for years what it would be like to have someone at my beck and call who’s not only witty and intelligent but can laugh with me in between play sessions at the funny moments in life—and now I know. 

  We’re staying at this three story bed and breakfast in a quaint historical small town managed by this lovely older couple.  I got to see all the beautiful multi-hued leaves this fall.  Boy, they are so colorful!  You said you’d get me a picture of this place.  You’re so artistic and talented; watching the concentration on your face as you work fascinates me.

                I’ve finally cracked one of life’s mysteries and can’t stop grinning like a fool as everyone passing by smiles too.  Someone even winks at me.  The sun is hot and bright as I think about how lucky I am to finally be the person I want to be and having you in my life.  You cause my skin to burn every time you look at me like that, telling me the beauty you see no matter how many flaws I stubbornly point out to you.  Silly girl, you say.   I’ve never met anyone so kind and pure, who wanted to do anything and everything to please me and yet still wanting to give more.  I’ve been handed the world’s greatest treasure, and I’m holding on tightly to that leash.

                I was at my darkest moment when you found me, hurting and hiding in the corner.  But you helped me, saved me, and eased my pain because you said you couldn’t bear to see it.  You glued together the pieces of my heart, and whispered soothing words to put me to sleep.  You held onto me.

                The blue eyed Siberian husky pup that you surprised me with last night was just another small dream come true.  I had told you how long I’ve wanted him and how his name is “dreamer” for all my dreams I’ve bottled up inside.  I guess it was a celebration of my finally getting that book published and also getting that contract to write advertising copy for one of the largest Ad agencies in the country.  You make me feel so powerful and limitless with all you’ve given me. 

                You said the only thing you need is for me to accept you completely, to accept all of this and still want more.   I’m on fire and can’t wait to tell you my answer, as I collect the cinnamon buns and coffee from the cheerful young cashier.   If you didn’t already know, I’d made you mine long ago…when I flew in from such great distance to seek you out and then by staying.  Do you think I’d leave so easily?

                I’m a risk taker, and I’ve been rewarded handsomely.  Thank you God for giving you to me.


Note:  The following picture is the dog named "Dreamer" that I saw in a animal shelter several years ago.  If I had a house or a place that allowed dogs or pets, he would have been mine.  I don't think it would be fair for a dog like that to be stuck in a cramped apartment with me.  He needs a yard and a nice place with lots of room.  Hopefully, my future "Dreamer" will be mine soon when I get that cottage with the yard and garden.  He's so handsome and happy isn't he?




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